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Excavation Services

Compact track loaders and skid steers are part of our fleet of excavators. Competitive prices are offered on the North Shore for excavation, trenching, and bobcat services.

Mini Excavation Construction North Vancouver

Compact Excavation Services

Mini Excavators

There are several benefits to using compact excavation versus large excavators, such prepping for concrete flatwork or trenching services,  landscaping or yard upgrades.  As a result of the smaller machinery and equipment used, less damage is caused to your finished yard, and we can reach areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach. All of your mini-excavation requirements may be met by our experienced excavation professionals. We can dig in tight quarters thanks to our small excavators, mini bobats and loaders.

North Vancouver Excavation Construction

Grading Services

Drainage is important to the success of any excavation or grading job, regardless of the size. You should have a grade slip that has been approved by the city, so we can work on making sure that the appropriate elevations are satisfied. F ailure to meet minimum grade requirements might lead to expensive repairs to neighbouring property as well as, in certain situations, lawsuits.

There is no better moment to begin preliminary site grading than just before to the commencement of the project’s construction phase. With proper notice, we can accommodate the majority of timetables. We provide site grading services for residential and light commercial properties.

Skid Steer Services North Vancouver

Bobcat Services

We have a highly qualified and experienced staff of skid steer operators, as well as skid steers of various sizes, so we can tackle any job. Skid steer services come in handy when it comes to completing a job on schedule. Our crew is pleased to assist you with backfilling, rough or final grading, removing existing pads, delivering or taking away dirt, and excavating. 

Excavators of North Vancouver

Trenching Services

North Vancouver Trench Excavation

Our excavation contractors have an array of trenching equipment ranging in size for Large trenches to small excavations for trenches and even trenches in tight locations. Trenching services are often necessary while establishing or repairing drainage systems, conducting cable or line inspections, or installing new cables or lines (gas, electrical and other utilities). Our dedicated staff excavates and backfills trenches with great precision and care, causing the least amount of damage to adjacent landscape as possible. Additionally, we ensure that the right material is used to backfill and compress the area, depending on the application.

Breaking and Removal Services

Demolition Services North Vancouver

If you need concrete replaced, our excavation contractors have all of the essential equipment to help! From small removals, such as walkway parts and floor sections cut and broken out to access utilities, to huge removals, such as driveways, patios, and concrete walls, Skid steers, excavators with breakers, concrete saws, and electric portable jackhammers are among the gear used by our crew.
Following any removal, we clean everything thoroughly, load all materials, and send them to a recycler. Concrete removal isn’t the only service we provide; we can also remove asphalt and paving stones.

Site Grading Services

Laser Accuracy

We have the tools to validate the grades required for our projects, which need particular heights being satisfied. Our workers are trained and proficient in the use of various kinds of laser levels to check slopes suit the specified elevations in the plan in order to achieve such precision and accuracy. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all excavations are in accordance with the plans.

Not only do we educate our employees on how to use lasers, but we also teach them how to decipher grading plans. Before they begin work, our crews are outfitted with laser technology to ensure that grade points are met precisely.

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We do not cut corners and will not compromise job quality for any reason.


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Our mission is to preform with excellence from the moment we arrive onsite, the excavation project and our final clean up.

Morel Excavation Services

Backfilling Services

Excavation companies have all of the equipment necessary to backfill any task. Excavating trenches, creating retaining walls, and backfilling against the foundation of a home are some of the more common tasks we take on. Small or large, there isn’t anything that can’t be done. For the delivery of materials, we have a significant fleet of compact excavators and loaders, as well as trucks and trailers. The correct waterproofing, drainage, and backfill materials are also taken care of.

Clearing Land

Land clearing is a critical component of any new construction or renovation project. Our excavation contractors are fully equipped to complete the job. From tree and shrub removal to root removal, we ensure that trees and vegetation do not regrow. Additionally, we have the equipment necessary to clear and demolish concrete pads/walls, as well as haul away any debris generated by a land clearing project. We always ensure that material is disposed of and recycled properly. Additionally, our team can assist with any type of excavation following the completion of a land clearing project.

Ditch Contouring

The time may have come to re-shape your ditch if you have an excessive overgrowth of unwanted plants, such as overgrown weeds and grass, and you are experiencing drainage issues as a result. Our excavation contractors can carefully re-shape, re-grade, and clean up any ditch, resulting in a ditch that is fresh and clean to the eye.


On construction sites, a variety of drainage systems are used, and as excavation contractors, we are familiar with them all. We cover everything from land grading to drainage. We can install drain tile, trench trains, sump/catch basin drainage systems, floor drains, and downspout or gutter drainage systems. We have the excavation equipment necessary to trench and grade the project in order to ensure proper drainage.

Drain Tile Install

Groundwater damage to your house or structure can be prevented by installing drain tiles. After waterproofing the foundation, drain tile is set against the foundation and backfilled with wash rock (discharge rock) to allow water to flow to the drain tile, which is buried in the ground. Drain tile sometimes needs to be redone and we have the equipment to preform drain tile work in yards that are finished and only small equipment will fit.

Driveway Preparation

We have the necessary equipment, such as breakers, and the capacity to remove, load, and transport any remaining material for customers who require the removal of an existing driveway. Following that, we thoroughly excavate to ensure that the driveway has the appropriate gravel base necessary for proper drainage. Additionally, our staff is capable of constructing concrete driveways, paving stone driveways, and preparing for asphalt installation.

Dry Wells

If you have an excessive amount of runoff water on your property, dry wells can be a great solution. A dry well’s purpose is to collect surface water and allow it to slowly drain/soak deep underground in a perforated chamber filled with drainage rock or other similar materials. A dry well must be installed in the proper location, far enough away from your home and not too close to your neighbours. Our excavation crews are capable of building a dry well of any size.

Finish Grading

Finish grading is the process of adjusting the elevation, contour, and shape of the grade. A process that ensures that the project adheres to the final grading plan. Our skilled team uses a variety of machines to ensure that the surface is free of debris, large bits of soil, and brought to the correct elevation using typically loam, resulting in a smooth surface for healthy grass planting or sod laying. Typically, the finish grade is the same height as your walkways, driveway, or patio.

Pool Excavation

Pool excavation is a huge undertaking, and our excavation specialists can assist with projects of any size. A substantial amount of soil must be removed due to the huge excavation required for pools; however, a small amount of material may be left to backfill against the pool. The following step is to construct a pool foundation that is suitable for the pool. After that, there’s a pool shell. Prior to building the pool shell, all trenching for electrical and pool lines must be completed to avoid damage. To lay the pool lines, we have all of the essential trenching equipment.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an excellent solution for a range of landscaping projects. Additionally, they contribute to the construction of a more inviting appearance and feel by raising certain areas of your yard. When contemplating retaining walls, it is vital to guarantee adequate drainage. Along with waste disposal, our excavation professionals are capable of preparing the ground for a firm foundation or base, constructing retaining walls, and developing a drainage system utilising the proper backfill material. Retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of materials, including concrete, stone, and prefabricated blocks that come in a variety of forms and sizes.

Swimming Pool Removal

If you’d like additional yard space but don’t use your pool very often, we can decommission and remove it. Draining the pool and removing the liner are the next steps after removing the pool surface. Pools are constructed of
multiple different materials, and we have the tools and methods to decommission any
type of pool. We recycle all materials from the pool to the designated recyclers, and
backfill the pool with solid material like rock, gravel, sand and dirt, compacting the soils
in layers.

Tree Stump Removal

Is there a stump in your yard that you’ve grown tired of? Perhaps a tree fell and left an unwanted stump behind. Stump and root removal is one of our specialties, and we have the equipment and expertise to do it. Depending on the stump’s size, different tools and procedures are necessary to remove it. If you want your stump removed, please contact us.

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